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Glossary | Sarees Palace | Indian Ethnic Wear For Women

Applique work - the art of embellishing a fabric or article of clothing with other pieces of fabric sewn on with concealed or decorative stitches or glued; also used to create designs with braid, ribbons and other trimmings.

Badla Work - Embroidery is done using flattened silver wire.

Batik - Indonesian word for a cloth that traditionally uses the resist-dyeing technique with wax used as a resist. It is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Nigeria, Japan, China, Azerbaijan, and Egypt.

Bhandhini - Type of tie die popular from states of Rajasthan and Gujarat in India.

Block prints - Printing a repeat pattern using a design carved from a block of wood.

Brocade - Rich decorative woven fabric.

Buta / Buti / Booti - a motif design that is embroidered or blocks printed and repeated all over the fabric.

Choli - Shortly fitted blouse was worn by women under the Saree.

Churidar - Close fitted pants with folds from mid-calf to ankles worn by Indian and Pakistani men and women.

Chunni - Shawl is worn by women with shalwar kameez or ghagra.

Chunri - a Red bridal veil worn by the Mughal women.

Crepe Silk - Woven silk fabric, lustrous and soft to touch. Has a smooth flow and drapes well.

Cut Work Embroidery - Embroidery where portions of the background fabric are cut out and discarded and edges have buttonhole finish.

Dupatta - Long Shawl of 2 to 2.5 meters worn by women with salwar kameez, draped around both shoulders and hanging down across the chest.

Gharara - A women's dress consisting of knee-length Tunic (Kurti), a flared culotte like trousers and dupatta.

Ghaghara - Flared full length gathered drawstring skirt.

Half Sari - long material measuring 2.5 meters that drape around Pavadai over the back and cover the chest-worn by young girls in South India.

Jaal - Embroidery or Print all over the fabric.

Kameez / Kamiz - Long loose tunic was worn by women in India and Pakistan.

Kurti - Feminine version of a Kurta.

Pallu - The decorated end of Sari with heavy distinct decoration from the rest of the sari.

Salwar / Shalwar - Loose drawstring trousers tapered at ankle worn by men and women in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Sari / Saree - a Graceful garment worn by women In India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The Saree is a long material measuring about 5.5 meters, that is wrapped over an underskirt at the waist and draped over the shoulder.

Seedha Pallu - Draping the Sari with Pallu over the right shoulder.

Tunic - Loose fitting long top sleeved or sleeveless worn by men and women.

Zardozi - Intricate gold thread embroidery unique to the Indian sub-continent.

Zari - Fine Embroidery using gold or silver thread found in Indian Pakistan and Bangladesh.