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Handwork and Embroideries | Sarees Palace

Handwork & Embroideries

From the ancient times, men and women are always fond of beauty. Along with the development of civilization and culture, decorative clothing and jewelry have become an essential part of social life, especially in women. The human race, due to its creative & beauty loving nature, has developed uncountable ways to decorate itself and to look more beautiful. Here, we are talking about some of the most popular handworks, which are used to beautify and grace the garments (especially in the context of India). These are the hot favorite for special occasions wedding, social gathering, parties, Anniversary etc.

Types of Embroideries


This is the Queen of all handworks on Garments, originally created for Royal families. But even in modern times, when the choice is for Richness and Glitter, there is no alternative to the zardozi work. Especially in Bridal Wears, this is the first and only choice. Most of the women are seen in the garments with zardozi work.

Zardozi is a very old art. It is a special kind of Embroidery work, performed with needle and Aari-Hook, using Zari thread, Salma, Kora, Dapka, Sitara, Kangna etc.

In Real Zari, the base metal is Silver. For Golden look, a Silver material is coated with pure Gold or chemicals.

And we are proud that, even in these tough times, we can provide Real Zari Worked garments and Borders (Laces) of guaranteed quality (using Silver above 90% purity.


it is an all different type of Handwork, neither using threads, nor needle. Only by use of flat metal wire (called Mukaish/Badla), the skilled artisans spread the wonder on Sarees, Dupattas etc., likes the twinkling stars in a clear sky.

Generally, the work is done in the form of small dots, but to give a fancy & rich look sometimes other techniques are also employed, giving shapes of flowers & leafs etc.


This is centuries old typical traditional work from Rajasthan and named after the capital JAIPUR.

‘GOTA’ is a kind of ribbon, woven on hand-looms, using mainly very fine flat metal instead of yarn. In Real Gota, Silver & Gold metals are used. But in routine, the base metal is copper, coated with Silver etc.

‘GOTA’ is available in different width. There is no better choice than ‘Gota Work’ when Rich & Heavy look is desired in Lightweight. It is also low cost & long lasting.