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Traditional Saree

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Let’s Flip to Traditional with Sarees Palace Traditional Sarees.

Indian has a varied geography and rich cultural heritage and this apply to fashion and clothing as well. As a result every region has their own collection of vesture, design, textiles and clothing style. As there are many religions, it also results in many diverse communities having their own style of dressing attire. And sarees too have been adapted by each region and community which ultimately resulted in different forms and style of sarees in India today. As religions are different the way of attiring saree also varies from region to region. 

 For instance, Nauvari sari worn by Marathi women is drape in dhoti style, Garad saree worn by Bengali ladies with the pallu draped from the back to the front and tied to a saree ornament at the end, Pinkosu saree worn by Tamil woman  where the pleats fall towards the outside of the wrap from the inside, Gol saree worn by Parsi woman where the veil comes from behind and goes all over the blouse on the left shoulder and is then brought to the front over the right shoulder, forming folds at the front. The front part of the veil thus falls quite close to the hem. One can observe that attire is saree but different draping style makes it versatile and has its own significance in different cultures.

 And to doll you up with such beautiful tradition, Sarees Palace unveils an opulent collection of beautiful traditional sarees created with silk, cotton, banarasi silk, chanderi, brocade, Kanchipuram silk, chiffon and many other fabrics enriched in bright colors like yellow, orange, gold, sea green, red and more stitched with beautiful borders, applique patterns, painted in meenakari work or block printed and many other works that reflects you elegantly of your culture. Setting you as an influencer who influences other’s to adorn oneself in traditional attire.

Shop for such exclusive traditional sarees online from from anywhere around the globe and get it shipped directly to your home, As we ship in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Mauritius, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Denmark and many other countries.